Online searches have become the premier means of finding pretty much anything, and looking to search engines effectively is a basic essential for nearly every type of business. So are you searching optimally?

Instant Search helps you increase your productivity by speeding up searches on many websites through the use of custom shortcut words that define which website should be searched.

For example, instead of going to Amazon to enter your search query for a product, you just type right into your browser’s search bar the letter "a" followed by what you want, and the search will be done directly on Amazon's website!

To open a site's homepage, just enter the shortcut letter followed by a space (e.g. "a" for Amazon).

You can even search for any selected text for various sites without having to type a thing. Highlight some text on any website, right click to open the context menu and choose the website you want the text selected to be searched for.

In Safari version 5 and older, Instant Search transforms the address bar into a multi-bar that can be used both for entering the URL addresses and for entering your search queries.

Optimising productivity has never been simpler.

Currently supported websites